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  • Clash Royale- Tips and Tricks to Become a Pro

    Clash Royale is the newest edition in the world of gaming, and it has started to become more famous than the clash of clans. The game was released almost one year ago and won ‘Game of the Year’ from Apple and the ‘best game’ from Google Play. For a beginner and someone who wants to be a pro in playing Clash Royale, here are some of the best Clash Royale tips and tricks to help in acing the game like no other. Read ahead-


    Tips and tricks for Clash Royale


    • Keep your battle deck full of different options- there is a total of three decks in the game, and it is highly advised to keep it full with the possibility of ready to fight with. All of these troops have some Elixir cost, and one should not have so many 2’s or 5’s. Variety is essential.


    • Spend your gold wisely- like every other game; gold is the primary currency in the match. In clash royale, the gold is only earned by winning battles. Also, keep in check for your free daily chests or clan chests to make more gold for free. Collect more gold and spend it wisely on upgrading a powerful unit. If you plan to update something, then go for the best option. Don’t just upgrade everything. It will make you lose gold.


    • In training battles, try new deck- one should test their deck before going for multiplayer. It may happen that you lose, but at least you’ll know the worth of deck. Try these packs on clan members, so that you don’t lose out on battles and trophies. If you think the deck is fine tuned, only then try to fight real opponents.


    • Never attack first- this is the basic. Attacking first gives a disadvantage to elixir. Wait before the bar gets full and then attack. Make a solid defence around and drop a low point player against a big point one, it will push the enemy. Attacking first gives a secret kill card or strategy to the enemy, so keep this in mind.


    • Don’t rush the attacks- if one has ever played clash of clans before, they must know what we’re trying to tell here. Using too many force and all at once drains the power energy, and if another clan hits on you, the ultimate result will be losing. Try the best cards and use strong counter attacks to overwhelm the enemy while saving up your energy and gold.


    • Don’t forget to use spells- after a week or two of playing the clash Royale; players get the spells which make them win battles. Freeze spell freezes everything in the game, and then there is a rage spell that unlocks in the 3-4th arena. The rage spells speeds up all the movement and wrecks the enemy. Also, go for a giant. You can also try skeleton giant; it makes you win the game quickly.


    Source: https://www.androidpit.com/clash-royale-tips-and-tricks

    These were some of the best clash royale tips and tricks for players to help to win the game. These are all basics and easy to use in the game.


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